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Our Pride and Joy

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments stands out as one of our most ambitious and valued clients. Our multifaceted partnership involves the comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance of their extensive pipeline network, which spans a wide array of critical applications, including potable water, acid, and ultra pure gases such as nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, and oxygen. In addition to our pipeline expertise, we also play a pivotal role in optimizing their pipe and exhaust systems and delivering top-tier Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. Our commitment to excellence in these diverse areas contributes to the seamless operation of Texas Instruments' vital infrastructure.


Advanced Microbial Solutions Biotechnology

We installed plumbing and piping to support new fertilization production process.

Image by Brandon Style

Parkland Hospital

We helped Parkland on their mission to save lives:​

  • DI water Piping Installation.

  • Parkland Hospital – Underground Chilled water Piping, CDA System. Install & Awning Drain Plumbing Piping.

  • Parkland Hospital – Medical Gas Equipment Installation.

  • Parkland Hospital – IFAB Utility Rack and Restroom POD buildout.

Metal Pipe Network


We delivered boiler piping replacement and compressed air upgrades

Air Compressors


This was a massive project​

  • Semiconductor Campus Wide – Chiller Replacements and Chilled Water Systems Upgrades for Semiconductor Mission Critical Data Centers.

  • Semiconductor RFAB – MEI Tool Installation & Facilities Maintenance.

  • Semiconductor – RFAB Process Piping & Tool installations.

  • Semiconductor– DMOS5 Tool Relocation Piping and Layout.

  • Semiconductor – DMO6 Process Piping & Tool installations

  • Semiconductor – Dual 16″ Carbon Steel Line Freezes on Process Cooling Water System for valve replacements.

  • Semiconductor – CUP Process Cooling Water Filters and Heat Exchangers Install.


USTW Medical Ctr/UT Medical Ctr

This is a list of what we accomplished at this project:

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center – Campus Wide Natural Gas Testing, Piping and Repairs.

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center – Thermal Plant Piping Chilled Water Hot Taps.

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center – WA Building, St Paul Hospital, Steam and Condensate Piping.

  • UTSW Medical Center – Y Building Stainless Steel HP piping installation for Argon, Nitrogen, Helium and Air.


Angie Energy

We performed state-wide installation for Compressed Natural Gas plants for Loves Travel Stops.


Baylor Health

We contributed to Baylor's vision:​

  • Baylor Health Care – Medco Construction and Greenspace Pump – Sammons Collins Restoration, Plumbing Piping.

  • Baylor Health Care – Medco Construction and Greenscape Pump – New Cancer Center, Plumbing and Mechanical Room Installation for Water Features and Fountains.


Qorvo/Tri-Quent Semiconductor

We installed caustic and acid scrubber piping


St. Paul Hospital

  • We performed steam and condensate piping upgrades.


Texas Christian University

TCU was a plumbing & piping campus wide project.

Image by Samuel  Sianipar

UTD--Richardson Campus

UTD's Richardson Campus' underwent essential upgrades, encompassing the installation of mechanical rooms and steam distribution systems. Additionally, the project involved the procurement and installation of HUB equipment.

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